Caitlin Smith

Caitlin's zest for the outdoors, friendships and learning new skills leaves many to aspire to. Battling her own attempts to seek a healthier life, her transformation came from discovering running. With a love of helping people, she aspires to encourage others to make the same discoveries.

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Making the decision to take the steps to improve your fitness and health is not easy, but well worth the effort. 2018, Caitlin was new to Australia, in her mid 30’s and overweight. Caitlin started her journey to better health overshadowed by past failed attempts to change. However, this time it was different.  She was surrounded by a community full of support and positivity around body image and fitness.

Athletic in her school years, Caitlin rarely turned down a challenge whether is was soccer, softball, swimming, or dance. Like many, life and kilograms caught up with her as she matured. Although still active, Caitlin worried that there would be a time when she physically would not be able to do her job due to her unhealthy habits.

Originally from Oregon (USA), Caitlin was recruited to train Seeing Eye Dogs in Melbourne in 2017. She started running and focusing on healthier eating habits shortly after moving to Melbourne. Seeing the positive results motivated her to join a soccer team, played a season of softball, tried her hand a roller derby, and generally enjoyed her rediscovered fitness.

Caitlin joined Run Like A Girl Australia in May 2019, seeking to find a supportive and non-judgmental running community and adding more structure to her runs. Running was not necessarily Caitlin’s passion but she soon found the joy in running and achieving goals. Now she can’t get enough. She can attest to the benefits of putting in the work in all aspects; including strength training & technique development, nutrition, rehab/recovery, sleep, and of course running. She eagerly learns as much as she can to improve. Caitlin has completed the Athletics Australia Level 1 Recreational Running Coach and is in the process of completing Level 2.

Run Like A Girl Australia has changed her life for the better. It is not just a group that runs. She found true friends. Friends that are there to support through whatever is going on and wherever you are in your journey. She strives to reciprocate that through her coaching and enjoys connecting and encouraging whatever your goals are.