Tamlyn Tunley

Tamlyn, known to everyone as Tammy, is heavily involved in the community. Her genuine nature makes her someone people want to engage with and to be led by. She is passionate about running as its offers a good all-rounder perspective to life. She believes running is a lifestyle choice rather than a chore as it offers mental and emotional benefits and most importantly provides a sense of freedom, identity and achievement in daily routines. She loves the fact that ANYONE can give it a go!

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Professional and Running Experience:
In a professional capacity I work as a provisional psychologist within the occupational rehabilitation sector with my clientele largely including adults and the management of mental health. However, in a personal running capacity I have been running since 2011, however, it was only in 2015 when I took my running to the next level and began training and investing in half-marathons (21.1km).

Over the last two years I have spent a fair amount of my time running local events as well as training as part of a female running group. During this time I have learnt the importance of posture, building foundational skills, improving and enhancing my strength and endurance in order to running harder, faster within my favourite distance of 21.1kms.

As of August 2019, I also obtained my Athletics Australia Level 1 Recreational Running Coach qualification, further diversifying my role and identity within the running community, all with the guidance and support of Run Like A Girl Australia and Danielle Bryan (the founder of RLAGA).

Why I run and why do I love it?

My journey with running was largely influenced by the role model otherwise known as my step-father whom has completed at least 9 Comrades all with silver medals. For those who are not familiar with the Comrades, this is an internationally recognised but South African hosted running race than extends to 98kms over the course of one day. Such a race really challenges all aspects of us being human while enforcing the importance of training, science and simply being passionate to be successful at running. I suppose this is one of the main reason's as to why I have become to love running.

It's a sport that can offer structure, fitness and  mental stamina to any person life. It's a sport that can be completed individually with competitive approach and/or a sport that one can relate to with a group setting with like minded people all working towards a goal (which can be unique). For me running is a non-judgemental sport and everyone can choose to design and make what what they wish based on personal preferences.

I am passionate about running as its offers me a good all-rounder perspective to life, its become a lifestyle choice rather than a chore as running offers me some 'quiet-time during the day' and most importantly has offered me a piece of freedom, identity and achievement in daily routines. So my question to you is: why not running:)

My favourite running event:

The best running event I have attended and completed has been the well-known Great Ocean Road Half-Marathon Festival.  In my opinion, this race tests all elements of a runner and is a great challenge for any running whom is seeking progression in their running while being supported the entire way through by the local community.

When I completed this race for the first time in 2019, I learned the value of mental stamina and the importance of physical strength while being able to soak up the most amazing scenery of the Victoria coastline, which for the most part carried me through at least 60% undulating hills. Of all the races I have completed locally, this race has by far been the BEST event I have attended and a great representation of what running is all about.

What do I love about Run Like A girl Australia:

The key elements that stand out for my in my time spent as a member of the Run Like A Girl Australia Community has been the following:

💫 The friendly nature of all those participating and there is always support given (from coaches and team mates) in achieving personal and group goals;

💫 The profoundly diverse, motivated and dedicated women that always find the time to give you some time out their day to make you feeling good about yourself while offering support and guidance;

💫 The non-judgemental approach offered by the coaches and the personal experiences you have every time you attend and/or leave a hard running session;

💫 Finally, this running group and the women that make this group can be seen as friends and confidants that are always there for you no matter the weather and/or personal challenges you may be faced with.

My recommendation is give us a go and make your year one to remember as you likely to meet the most AMAZING group of women in Kensington and broader Run Like A Girl Australia community.