Development or Distance Run Program & Coaching

With the support of your coaches and team mates, you'll have a sense of belonging and community like no other. Join us to learn to enjoy running, maintain or improve fitness, improve technique, improve your time, your distance or to do all of the above! Hopefully! Membership comes with many benefits including foundation strength programs, core and postural correction videos, nutrition support, running technique analysis, discounts to brand partners and events, and more. Buy your loved one a course GIFT CARD for Birthdays and Christmas!

If your goal is to improve your running fitness or technique, strength, 5km or 10km times, nail the half marathon or achieve the full marathon, then this tribe is for you!

This is an ongoing training group of varying goals and abilities, training together.  We offer two coached training sessions a week and encourage meeting up with one another outside coached sessions.  Programs work on building distance but also speed endurance through structured run sessions with varying levels of intensity and recovery. Our yearly campaigns include 4km events to ultra marathons.

Our coaching approach is very individualised, aligning goals with group training where possible, but will provide specific programs for all goals as requested. We pride ourselves on quality and specificity with a focus on developing your strength and running technique. All programs are provided through an online coaching platform where you and your coach can track your progress, make notes and reports per activity, set fitness data parameters and more.

The average total session time will be approximately 45-80 minutes (including warm up exercises/cool down stretches). We strongly encourage members entering this group to be able to run 30mins continuously.

We also regularly visit ParkRuns such as local Maribyrnong ParkRun to cheer on our beginner course graduates.  ParkRun is a free event and will provide you with more information as the course evolves.

MONDAYS: PLEASE ARRIVE 5:50pm.  We start the running session 6PM at the Bill Vanina Pavillion in JJ Holland Park, Kensington Road, Kensington. It sits nicely almost in the middle of the park, behind the football oval.  There will be no locked facilities, so be sure to have minimal gear.  If you’re unsure what to do with keys and/or phone, we all strongly suggest investing in a collapsible belt such as a Spibelt or similar from our partner Sole Motive on Queen st, Melbourne.   If you want a 15% discount at Sole Motive, get on board for member benefits!

WEDNESDAYS: PLEASE ARRIVE 6:20pm. Kensington (same as above) at 6:30PM.

This pricing is to accomodate 8 weeks at $20 a week, payable in 8 week blocks.

*MEMBERSHIP: register for a new 8 week block at the end of the months of December, February, April, June, August, and October for the following 2 month subscription.

Your membership includes an invitation to the closed facebook group where strength and conditioning exercises will be uploaded and shared with members. It will address stronger core and butt, which aid good running form. Lots of other useful information is shared such as nutrition, clothing, footwear, technique and more.  Some great banter is had there between the tribe, from useful tips, shared experiences, honest trials and tribulations, running events/camps/retreats/training updates and more.

$ 160.00 AUD