Dani Bryan

Danielle, knowned as Dani, thrives on exercise and good nutrition. She only wants to spread the lifestyle to those who want to change. Read about her years of experiences and accolades that contribute to her being a great coach!

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Every individual is entitled to the best in health and quality of life, and Dani dedicates herself to educating and guiding clients on their journey to achieve this.

Her titles include a bachelors degree in Health Science (majoring in Nutrition & Exercise Science), Cert. IV in Personal Training, internationally recognised Running Coach qualifications (Levels 1 & 2 with UK Athletics and Athletics Australia), and is an APPI Pilates instructor at Be Well Allied Health. She also coaches individuals privately, is a mother of two young girls, and a marathoner.

Not “naturally” a runner, Dani played netball and basketball as a child and into her teens.  She took up running at 23 years old.  Realising that she may be good at running, she sought a coach to work on developing her technique and speed.  Running began to feel natural and she shifted into more of a competitive mode at 27 years old. It was her amazing coach who inspired her to help others.

“There was a time when I was very unhealthy and overweight. I now pride myself on good nutrition and balanced exercise in a busy life.  I’ve learnt that quality and consistency is what delivers success and long term health.  I am living proof.”

Dani prides herself and her clients on developing strength and conditioning in order to reduce risk of injuries, but to also boost performance. She specialises in coaching and teaching female athletes how to elevate their training and performance around the reproductive cycle and hormonal fluctuations.

Her own personal journey of running started in 2004 from nothing, no experience.  She started competing in events in 2008, going on to run her first marathon at Melbourne Marathon, local events until she had her first child in 2013. In 2014, she ran Melbourne Half Marathon where she qualified for the New York Marathon. Dani and her family moved overseas in 2014 where she immersed herself into UK athletics. She loves reminiscing about the memories made in the New York marathon 2015 (2:57hr) & Virgin Money London marathon 2016 (2:59hr). Returned home to birth her second child and introduced Australia to Run Like A Girl in 2017.

Dani was training for Gold Coast Marathon in 2018 where she aimed to run sub 2:52hrs. An unfortunate injury caused by a procedure, quashed that dream that still haunts her but in the face of adversity, she ran Melbourne Marathon in 2019. This journey of resilience and strength is why she loves the sport and community that comes with running in groups.