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From humble beginnings in the UK, inspiring women to be active through the support of international initiatives such as This Girl Can and Run England, to our proud land of Australia to spread the same message of good health and camaraderie.

Whilst we build a community of women & LGBTQI+ who discover the love of running through friendship and quality coaching, we also pride ourselves on key point of differences. We follow evidence based practise with running programs, strength specific programs and all aspects of training and recovery.

“We're in it together, no matter where you start.”
– Dani, Head Coach

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23rd August
18th October

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Meet the Crew

Meet Our Team

Dani Bryan


Danielle, knowned as Dani, thrives on exercise and good nutrition. She only wants to spread the lifestyle to those who want to change. Read about her years of experiences and accolades that contribute to her being a great coach!

Renee Quayle


Renee is a personal trainer with 12 years experience in the fitness industry. This mother of 3, with a wealth of knowledge specialising in pre/post natal and pelvic floor training, compliments our running programs and our focus on improving running technique from a strong base. We entice you to come experience her in action!

Jennifer Delaney


Jen is the epitome of the Run Like A Girl Australia vision. She joined from the "couch" to now an ultra-runner and coach. Her vibrant and energetic personality motivates others to feel the same about running. Jen builds women up to be better versions of themselves when they need it most.

Caitlin Smith


Caitlin's zest for the outdoors, friendships and learning new skills leaves many to aspire to. Battling her own attempts to seek a healthier life, her transformation came from discovering running. With a love of helping people, she aspires to encourage others to make the same discoveries.

Tamlyn Tunley


Tamlyn, known to everyone as Tammy, is heavily involved in the community. Her genuine nature makes her someone people want to engage with and to be led by. She is passionate about running as its offers a good all-rounder perspective to life. She believes running is a lifestyle choice rather than a chore as it offers mental and emotional benefits and most importantly provides a sense of freedom, identity and achievement in daily routines. She loves the fact that ANYONE can give it a go!

Michelle Chrzanowski


Michelle's wealth of knowledge, experience in the sport of running and holistic approach to training makes her an asset to us all. She loves being involved even around her own busy lifestyle.

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