Isabelle Pattison

Catch her if you can! Issy loves to run as a group, but on occasion, she burns up the track! Here what drives her motivation...

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Isabelle, best known as Issy, joined our running group at the beginning of 2021.

It was clear from the beginning that she loved to run, reveled in varying her speed and passionate about impacting others in a positive way. She invested in the social connections early.

Issy's history with running started when she was young.  In adulthood, she quickly discovered that her childhood sport was also going to be the glue in her mental health tool box. She openly talks about her journey with ill mental health and provides insight into the actions that help her stay in tune with herself.

In 2023, Issy joined the coaching team after completing her Level 1 Recreational Run Coaching course with Athletics Australia. As a valued member of our team, Issy brings people together through compassion and trust.