Melanie D'Souza

Mel loves to run, strength train and has recently got into triathlons. With a focus on movement for health, she believes running can be for life and she’s keen to support everyone to find joy through movement.

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For years, Mel was a very sporadic runner – a ‘fair weather runner’ if you will. From participating in Run for the Kids in 2006, to her first half marathon in 2017, there were running phases, and she only became more consistent with running in 2019. 

During this time her fitness started to pick up, but it wasn’t until being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 that Mel’s health and fitness really became a priority – especially as the treatment meant being thrown into menopause in her thirties. 

(She’s an open book about all of this, so if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.)

Since her diagnosis, Mel quit her career in advertising and is now an accredited advanced recreational running coach and training to be a personal trainer to work with other cancer patients. She has run more races and hit more PB’s post diagnosis than pre and has also competed in triathlons – a feat she never thought possible!

She is incredibly passionate, not only about running, but about the importance of physical activity especially high impact and resistance training for women and supporting that training with nutrition as fuel. 

In conjunction with the University of Melbourne, Mel has also co-designed a walking and running program for cancer patients which she currently coaches, where she loves helping people to realise their potential and regain or build their strength during and post-treatment.

Mel is excited and eager to support people, especially women and those who identify as women to feel strong, capable, and have agency over their body.