Beginner Runner Program & Coaching

The Beginner Runner Program & Coaching will expose you to a progressive running program.  No running experience is necessary.  We encourage you to regularly participate in our foundation activation & strength program (on members page) as much as possible before the commencement of the course to minimise risk of injury and maintain good running form. We teach the art of good running technique to both groups and will frequently observe, provide feedback and tweak your form over the course.  Course fee is $130 for 8 weeks.

At the end of your 8th week, Beginners will graduate as a group at training (normally Maribyrnong ParkRun or at training sessions).  

Total session time initially will be approximately 45-60 minutes (including warm up exercises/cool down stretches).

*Members of our D&D squads focusing on improving 5km or 10km or training for half marathon and above will likely absorb more of the hour+ with running.

MONDAYS: PLEASE ARRIVE 5:50pm.  We start the running session 6PM at the Bill Vanina Pavillion in JJ Holland Park, Kensington Road, Kensington. It sits nicely almost in the middle of the park, behind the football oval.  There will be no locked facilities, so be sure to have minimal gear.  If you’re unsure what to do with keys and/or phone, we all strongly suggest investing in a collapsible belt such as a Spibelt or similar from our partner Sole Motive on Queen st, Melbourne.   If you want a 15% discount at Sole Motive, get on board for member benefits!

WEDNESDAYS: PLEASE ARRIVE 6:20pm. Kensington (same as above) at 6:30PM.


  • 11th January
  • 8th March
  • 3rd May
  • 28th June
  • 23rd August
  • 18th October

Your membership includes an invitation to the closed facebook group where strength and conditioning exercises will be uploaded and shared with members. It will address stronger core and butt, which aid good running form. Lots of other useful information is shared such as nutrition, clothing, footwear, technique and more.  Some great banter is had there between the tribe, from useful tips, shared experiences, honest trials and tribulations, running events/camps/retreats/training updates and more.

$ 130.00 AUD